Spotify Premium Apk v8.5.89.901 Mod (2020 Full Unlocked)

If you are a lover of song and music, I am quite sure you would have a long collection of free tracks for your listening pleasure at any point in time. In such situations, Spotify is your best choice of music player. The Spotify app is one of the best through which you listen to free music online. Its library could be organized by artists, albums, genres, and playlists, giving you the option of having your favourite songs always. It is a fact that when any company is giving out its products free of charge to users, it comes with various limitations. And to be frank with you, Spotify is not an exception to this. Once you have the app, you could start using the free version immediately, although, with some limitations and restrictions with the use of the app. There is another one that comes without any restriction, known as the premium subscription. This costs $9.99 monthly and gives you the opportunity to listen to a countless number of tracks.

You can get free Spotify for your Android and PC in various ways. However, this writes up will only focus on the Spotify Premium APK also known as Spotify premium mod commonly found online. Going through Google Play, you will discover that Spotify is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps used for listening to free music on Android devices. At this point, I will like to show the difference between the official Spotify Android app and Spotify Premium mod apk however, we need to check the features available on the free and premium subscriptions.

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Premium Apk v8.5.89.901 Mod (2020 Full Unlocked)

As already stated, Spotify premium comes with a subscription plan which unlocks the limits encountered as a free user. Also, it works with various types of portable devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TV, PC, and PlayStation.

In addition, Spotify premium version does not come with ads that cause interruption while listening to music.

And if you are not always connected to the internet, then the premium version is the best for you. With this, you are eligible to download as much as 3,333 tracks on up to three devices which you can listen to without an internet connection. I tell you, it saves you a lot of money if you are not always online.

Finally, you get the best audio quality at 320 kbps, known as “High or Extreme Quality” only on the premium version of Spotify.

You can listen to numerous music albums with this android app. All you need to do is to select the songs most appealing to you and then create personalized playlists through which you can easily access them even without an Internet connection.
Now to use it

1. You need to uninstall the Spotify app if you already have it on your devices. Then go to our website to download the modded Spotify apk premium.

2. You need to create a second account or just continue using the Free Spotify premium account. The use of Spotify Free premium apk is generally considered a bad activity by the Spotify company. The company might even take some actions against defaulters like banning the free accounts of users trying to use the Free Spotify Premium apk.

In case you don’t want the hammer of the company to come on you, by blocking your main account, make sure you have a second account with which you can use the modified app. But in a situation where you don’t have another email to create the second account, then the only available option is to try the Free Spotify Premium account list, where you can find various Spotify account’s username and password you can use. So you can use any of the available account credentials to login on Spotify mod apk. Once this has been clarified, then proceed to download the mod app.

One of the things you will enjoy with premium Spotify apk is that it allows you to access your favourite music at any point in time. And you know what, you can be on Spotify Premium free without paying a penny forever.

Spotify Premium Apk

Features of Spotify Premium Apk

Despite the limitations coming with the official Spotify app’s in the free accounts, the Spotify premium app allows users to access those features only available to the premium subscribers without paying any money. The app gives you some of the premium plan features for free. When you come on board, you will know more about the exciting things available with this Spotify mod Apk.

Download Music & Listen Offline

With this Spotify app, you can download up to 3,333 music on three different devices, such as your mobile phone, tablet, and laptop. This allows you to listen to your favourite music and playlists offline, important while traveling or when you are trying to save data.

Premium Sound Quality

In the Spotify app, we have three different audio qualities, which are Normal, High, and Extreme. With good speakers or headphones, you won’t get a better quality of listening to music at the Normal or High qualities. The Spotify Premium app helps to unlock the Extreme quality when the need arises and plays soundtracks at 320 kbps.

No Ads

This is another useful feature in using Spotify premium app. These ads are always annoying when listening to a song on Spotify. For example, while listening to your music, it stops halfway forcing you to hear an advertisement that makes no sense to you. It might sometimes be a video ad that you need to close so as to continue with your song. The worst part of it is that it will keep coming up, maybe twice or three times, so you will repeatedly hear the same advertisement even in other songs. This could be very frustrating. But with the Spotify premium app, you don’t need to struggle to block all these nonsense advertisements coming up. With it, you can enjoy your songs with little or no ads both audio and visual.

Play Any Sound Track

When you are playing a song from an artist’s playlist or customized playlist as a free user, the playlist is only processed in the shuffle mode. You are not given the chance to search and select your track of choice. However, you take control of what you specifically want to hear or listen to through the premium app.

Unlimited Music Skips

Another thing you won’t like with the free app is the fact you get a playlist with fewer titles that you probably like, while the majority of the titles are the ones you don’t like. When you get to a song you don’t like, you might probably want to skip it but you know what, you can only skip only six songs every hour with the free Spotify app. However, you can skip songs as many times as you want with the premium app.

Save Device Storage Space

The online music on the Spotify app, is usually streamed while listening to it. This means that the songs do not store on your phone storage. Hence, the space on your phone is saved for other important things.
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The only way through which you can have Spotify Premium for free on your mobile device is to install a Spotify premium APK latest version. This is a modified version of the Sporty official app, through which you can play any song, without the random selection mode. Using the Spotify apk mod will also save you from the disturbing ads coming up between the songs, as well as other features discussed earlier. Spotify cracked apk latest is the point in which you make the app work just by installing the downloaded apk file. This app itself comes with all the premium features enabled, with no additional configuration needed. It does not require root access just like the Spotify hacked apk.. Without any doubt, you can use this app as a tryout Spotify premium available free of charge.

Spotify Premium Apk

How to install Spotify Premium App on your Android Device

Below is a complete guide on the steps required to download and install the Spotify Premium apk on your Android device:

1.) The first thing is to download the Spotify Premium free apk file through the given download link.

2.) Allow the file to completely download after which you open the file just downloaded. Just go to the downloads list and click on the file, or simply make use of any of the file manager apps to navigate to the folder containing the downloads and open it.

3.) The next thing you will see is a pop-up message, telling you that your phone is not allowed to install apps from an unknown source. This is a form of security. All you need to do is to tap on the “Settings” option. Then on Android 8.0 and below you need to enable the “Unknown sources” from the mobile phone settings.

4.) Next, a page will come up, which says, “Allow from this source”. Just tap on the Toggle switch right by that option, which then allows the installation of the app.

5.) Then, you need to go back to the installation screen. This will ask if you want to install this app on your mobile phone. Just tap the “Install” button.
6.) At this stage, you will see the app automatically installed, showing the installation progress. It could take a few minutes for the app to get installed.

7.) On successfully completing the installation, you will see the two options, usually at the bottom of the screen.

8.) All you need to do is to tap the “Open” button. This opens the Spotify Premium app.

Important Update!

Spotify usually bans some of the users using the Spotify mod apk, and who gets involved in illegal actions, thereby misusing their premium services. For this, we strongly advise you to create a new account on Spotify, which will be your secondary account with the sole aim of testing the Spotify apk premium.

Spotify Premium Apk

In addition, Spotify has been penalizing those free users using the pirated, cracked, or hacked Spotify mod apk. Users pirating their premium services are usually suspended. Sometimes, the developers go further and release a new update to Spotify having few new changes which make its security more complex. The first issue that will come up comes up while logging in to the account through the Spotify mod app. Sometimes, some users report that the use of the Spotify premium app comes up with the error message of incorrect username and password, even when the right credentials are typed in.

Fix Spotify “incorrect username or password”

You might a message like this, “incorrect username or password” while trying to log in to your account. You can apply this to fix the issue. It might be that the Email /password login method is no longer functional. But if your Facebook login works well, then use the app on your phone. All you need to do is to “disable” it or “uninstall” it first. Then, come back to Spotify app where you will be required to tap on the “Facebook login” option to access your account.

Spotify Login

Then, a pop-up webpage will start to load with the Facebook login screen, just enter your Facebook username and password, after which you click the login button.

Make sure you allow the app to access all the required information needed by the Spotify app to work correctly.

Once you have successfully logged into your account, you can start enjoying the premium features such as listening to music without any interruption of ads, unlimited skips, playing any choice of music from the album, audio in high and extreme quality, as well as other features mentioned initially.


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